We at Panchmukhi Services deals with Life Insurance & General Insurance both. We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Life/General Insurance to our clients. Insurance is just not an investment, it is more than that. It is a tool, which provides protection to the financial value of an asset, be it human life or any intangible asset. So, we need to follow a process before suggesting any insurance product to anyone approaching us.

For providing best insurance solution to our clients, so that they may devote maximum time to their businesses and can get the maximum output without any worry, we have experienced and qualified insurance experts with us who will guide in the same and provide you suitable insurance products for you from the industry under best premium offer.





We are not an insurance provider. We are consultant where you can get the right insurance policies as per your need and requirement out of all the insurance providers prevailing in India.

Life insurance has started almost 100 years ago in India. Despite having a large population, the concept of life insurance is not as much understood by people here in India. Our motto here is to make people aware of actual concept of life insurance to people in our country. It is to make you clear that, here whatever we are explaining is not an exhaustive content about terms & condition of a particular policy or about its benefits. Our sole purpose is to make you understand the importance of life insurance for you and your family; when you are not there.


Life insurance is a contract, under which an insurance company gives assurance in writing to life insured or to its nominee after the occurrence of the event insured against.

The Insured amount will be paid :

    On maturity ,

    On Pre-decided dates, like – money back in fixed intervals,

    On Unfortunate death of insured, if occurs before date of maturity.

Contract also says that policy holder has to pay pre decided premiums to insurance company for the pre decided premium payment term. Life insurance covers your risk universally, which eliminates risk and gives you assurance against the unplanned events of life and provides financial support to family members after death of bread earner.

In simple words, life insurance is the solution to the society which provides a temporary support to the families to fight against the problems arising due to sudden death.

Life insurance covers mainly two aspects of life; which every human being has to face:

  1. Early Death & leaving dependents behind without any source of income.
  2. Living too long without any source of income.

General Insurance

When we talk about insurance, it is not about an individual only, we need insurance for a shop, material, assets like vehicle, property, etc. or maybe our efforts, our invention or our health. We need insurance for anything which can give us financial loss due to an uncertain event.

Everything which is apart from insuring an individual life comes under General Insurance. There are different categories of general insurance in industry today. Panchmukhi Services can help you out in identifying which asset or service you must get insured under which insurance provider with best premium rates.

Motor Insurance

Health Insurance

Travel Insurance

Accidental Insurance

Household Insurance

CLAIM SETTLEMENT : We also serve you in most important part of insurance which is CLAIM SETTLEMENT. We guide & support you in settling claims & completion of documentation to get the benefit of insurance against the event insured.

Travel Insurance

Health Insurance

Motor Insurance